What is a monogram?

Graphic Design Term – Monogram

April 11th, 201012:59 pm @ | 8,476 views

We often talk about the term ‘logo’, but when it comes to the design of a company identity, there are a few terms that the general public wouldn’t normally use;  terms such as a ‘monogram’, a ‘symbol’, a ‘logotype’ or a  ‘pictogram’.  I feel it is important to acknowledge these terms, for both the client and the graphic designer to successfully complete a ‘Logo Design’ project, or in graphic designer’s term a ‘Corporate Identity System’ (CIS) project.

AP Monogram designed by Joseph Ku

Armitron Papers ‘AP’ Monogram Designed by Joseph Ku

The monogram is an abbreviated logotype and usually uses the initial letters of the individual or company name in a unique configuration which fulfills the same function as the logotype. It was quite common for various important people to wear a signet ring which had a reverse image of their monogram engraved upon it which was used in conjunction with sealing wax to identity the authority of the document. It was worn as a ring to give added security as well as for convenience.

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