Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition

Graphic Design Chinese Calligraphy

Master Tang was born 1921 in Ningbo City, he began studying calligraphy under his first mentor which was appointed by his father at six years old in Nanjing. He later studied traditional Chinese painting to further master the art.

I was delighted to be asked to design for Master Tang, for the design of his exhibition opening in the Canterbury Museum.

The photo above is what I was supplied with, as the ingredient to whip up an elegant invitation card design with.

Chinese Calligraphy is art, and it takes a long time to master. You only get one chance of making each brush stroke right, one mistake will take you to the beginning to start over again.

A4-layout-invitationBelow is what I have come up with, by making each characters bigger or smaller, I was able to create depth. The two bigger characters in the middle says ‘Calligraphy’, which are the first two characters you will see, this I believe helps to draw a viewing in.

I made the orientation to be portrait narrow (as found in Chinese paintings), you can fit 2 invitation cards on one A4. This is effective aesthetically, it is also economical to print.

Hope you like it.

Calligraphy Exhibition Opening Invitation Card