Mobile Office Eco Hub Caravan

Vintage caravan restoration

It has been a while since I last updated my site, apologies if I have left you hanging.

Those of you who have been wondering what happened to the mobile office that I was building back in 2010, well this has been a restoration project that never seems to end, there is always something to do, something to improve.

This eco caravan, built with recycled materials, powered by the Sun, has been my labour of love, hand crafted with whatever I could find around junk yards and what was available to me at the time of restoration. The aluminium trim around the tables are nailed in with roofing copper nails; the New Zealand Rimu timber that was used throughout were from someone’s kitchen demolition that I bought for just $20. I like to work with materials that age well.

Eco Mobile Office Caravan

Not all were made from scrapes however, the 2 water tanks mounted were custom designed by me, that fit snugly to the underbelly provides 50 litres of fresh water supply and 50 litres of grey water for use on the go. Total cost of the 2 tanks cost me $800.00.

Photo below shows the bathroom, complete with residential shower and a chemical toilet. It has a boat port hole window, so you don’t feel so claustrophobic when you are inside. The aluminium mouldings you see here are made from a dismantled apple cooling shed.

Eco Mobile Office Caravan

Vintage caravan restoration

There is even an outside shower, that if you were to park by the beach, you could rinse out your feet off before entering. 

The kitchenette is built with recycled NZ native rimu, the Dometic sink comes with a tempered glass closable lid, that doubles as a light tracing ‘lightbox’. Plenty of workable bench space here, there is no gas in this rig, cooking is done with a small portable butane stove, or a 240v electric element.

Eco Mobile Office Caravan

Front dinette converts to a full size residential single bed. The curtains are high quality high density cotton fabric, double layered with high quality black out fabric. Yes, there is a third layer screen too!

Vintage caravan restoration DSC03334

There is a 120w solar panel mounted on the roof, that charges the 2 x 120 amp hour batteries sitting inside an enclosure on the A frame. This solar setup provides ample power for all my daily charging needs. I am planing to build a pop up TV, that is hidden when not in use, more to come.


This has been 5 years in the making, and there are still plenty to do, and it’s not complete. Don’t ask me how much I have spent on it so far, as I have lost count, same goes with my time spent on this. I was foolish to think I could complete this project for under $2000, lol… At the end of the day, it’s not about money, but passion and I learn so much from this!

The enjoyment that I get when I use it is priceless.

There has already been 5 successful client meetings that took place in this wee beauty, and my family and I look forward to enjoying her for many years to come!