Christchurch Autumn Colour

There is this romantic pocket of time in the autumn season, dazzled with a beautiful and romantic palette of colors when leafs starts to turn. For some people, it’s an ugly sight with labor intensive autumn sweep ups, but for me it’s an eye candy, with beauty and poem in the air!

Autumn is truly a ‘golden’ season, everywhere you see there is orange, yellow and brown, the color used to paint gold. I particularly love the few minutes in the afternoon, just before the sun is setting, the low angle of light beams through the sky, lighting up the row of poplar trees like a bonfire. I call it the ”golden hour’ of the day.

With the temperature dropping to just single digit, and the shorter daylight hours, I feel it is time for me to tuck my DIY tools away, and to take a break from the building of my caravan, and start to enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Much work has been done since spring for the exterior and interior. New wheels and axle have been installed, along with new tow hitch and braking system, the van is starting to feel solid and look real good! With all the plumbing work done for the kitchen and shower, the van is near its completion! I am very lucky to have my wife helping me with the upholstering and curtains, I just can’t wait to start using it!

Kudesign Autumn

kudesign caravan office

Golden Poplar Trees

Jacked up Caravan Ku Design Studio

Caravan jacked up ready for some serious under chassis work! Work done includes: Sand blasting chassis and rust proof, new grey and fresh water tanks, new axle, new hub, new brakes, new rear stabilizers and a nice looking retro pair of alloy wheels!!

New Wheel Mud Guard Arch Ku Design Studio

The mudguard is required to be modified to be rounded for the new wheels to fit! It’s a lot of work, but worth the trouble as it allows larger wheels to be fitted, as well as for easier wheel removal in the future.

Kudesign caravan carpentery