Pre-digital technology


Beauty in 35mm film

I snapped this shot back in 2000, in Mapua Nelson New Zealand. It is hard to believe that there was no digital camera at that time, everything was still film. At that time,  I even had my own darkroom, processing black and white photographs.

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There are a few aspects I still love and miss about film, the artistic feel of the grain, the full frame edges and little flaws that made a photo more ‘alive’, or you can say more ‘artistic’? With film, there are only 24~36 shots per roll, and it gets used up pretty quickly, you tend to be more careful of what you are taking, unlike digital you tend to just snap away, at no extra charge!

This photograph was one of the exhibits in ‘Our World Photo Exhibition’, held in Christchurch in 2006. It was quite a popular photo amongst children.

When I snapped this photo, there was only 1 robot, but in 2002 during my next visit to Nelson there was the whole family of robots (wife and babies) guarding this address… however, only till recently that I found they have moved away… they are no longer there now. If you have seen them in another location, please drop us a comment below, we would love to know! Cheers!


I took this photo driving to Nelson, in the middle of no where. B&W film scanned with 35mm film scanner.