Our World 05′

2005 Our World Photo Exhibition

2005 Our World Photo Exhibition – Revisited

I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the 2005 photo exhibition, showcasing works submitted by 10 keen photo enthusiasts.

About 4 years ago, James and I both had the idea of holding an event like this to bring together a group of young photographers and provide an opportunity to display their work. As keen photographers ourselves, we were naturally very passionate about bringing this plan to fruition.

This exhibition was a fund raising project in which various photographers show their pictures in a collaborative effort to raise funds for worthy causes. As well as door entry donations, funds have been raised from the sale and auction of prints, of which the profits went towards the charitable activities of the Lions Club, the building of a new Buddhist temple at 2 Harakeke St Riccarton, and the annual NZCA Easter Sports and Cultural Tournament.

Below is a flash gallery showcasing the works submitted, enjoy!

Featured photographers:

James To, Joseph Ku, Jason Bickley, Bigley Ling, Arthur Chang, Howard Liu, Fabian Low, John Chong, Jeremy Warren, Walter Tsai

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