My First Canon 7D HD Video

Canon 7D

A Graphic Designer’s Best Friend

My old Canon 300D / Rebel has been excellent for my everyday photography, it also has been an important tool for my creative business! This year (2009), I decided to take the plunge and grabbed myself a Canon 7D as an upgrade and an extension to my design business!

After having read much about the HD video recording function of the 7D, I was impressed with the quality of the short movie making capability and decided to give it a go myself. The 7D is capable of producing a 1980 x 1080 full HD video footage, and 18 mega-pixel for still image, if you have a set of prime lenses, you can produce very professional short film! If you do a search on YouTube for ‘7D movie’ or ‘7D shortfilm’, I am sure you will also be impressed with some of the work produced by talented independent film makers!

Accessories purchased: A Lowpro 2 x Camera with laptop compartment, a BG-E7 camera battery grip, spare battery, a 32GB 500x speed CF card, and a 16GB 500x CF card.

Computer specification: Sony Vaio VPCF116FW i7 quadcore CPU.

Software used for editing: Adobe Premier CS5

Please Note: Our photographer James To is still with his Leica DMR, and a Canon 1D MII for all our creative/ professional photography.

First Attempt with HD Video Editing

YouTube clips below are my first ever video post on this blog, so please be gentle! I am sure I will get better with this camera and produce some fine video footage to share. I am pretty excited, and I welcome the 7D to join our creative team!

Example film clip from YouTube

“Perya” – a Canon 7D Short

Example 7D Clip on Vimeo


7D from ILLYCH on Vimeo.

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