“DESI8N” Personalised Plate

Getting a Personalised Plate Promoting your Business

May 30th, 201011:31 pm @ | 5,624 views

DESIGN personalised plate

I have been thinking about promoting my business locally, I have two objectives: 1. Minimal investment. 2. Last a long time. After a bit of research, I figured the best way to do this would be to get a personalised plate for my car… As always the case, after checking for availability, all the obvious names have been unavailable. Initially, I wanted “DESIGN” but it was purchased by someone, who wants $5000 (NZD) for it! Even if I had the budget I wouldn’t have taken the plunge to spend this kind of money on this plate name! So, it’s time to be creative, it turned out “DESI8N” was available for under $1000, so I grabbed it immediately. I also ordered a custom plate surround to go in the back of the car,  that says:

“Graphic & Web Design” at the top, and

D E S I 8 N

“www.kudesign.co.nz” at the bottom

Some other plate names I considered using at that time were: WWWEB, KUDESI, GDESI, D3SIGN & GRPHIC. ‘WWWEB’ was a very good one that I liked very much, now someone has got it and it’s no longer available.

DESI8N personalised plate rear

Luckily the used 325i Bimmer I purchased last year (another good buy!) had an European plate fitting, and it just looked so much better with the letterbox wide-screen look!

Now every-time I drive around town, I am promoting my business, and I believe the personalised plated is a good investment, as this name will only increase in value as good names get scarcer and scarcer in the market. So, for just $1000 (NZD) we got to advertise our business for as long as we keep the plate, now that is good value!

Have you got a better/cheaper way to promote your business physically for a long time than this? Please leave a comment below.