WordPress for Android

Wordpress for Android Smartphone

March 29th, 20127:56 pm @ | 7,924 views

I just got myself an android phone, it’s a HTC sensation made by Taiwanese high tech company, well done Taiwan!! I found this cool apps for WordPress. It’s easy to install, once downloaded off the Android market, It’s a matter of inputting your website url and WordPress admin password.

Before you are able to connect to your WordPress website from your phone, you will need to use your PC to log-in and set your ‘XML-RPC’, this can be setup easily under settings > writing; simply enable this and click save, it should do the trick!

I wrote this post in my smart phone using my left thumb, and it’s killing me… so I will make it brief.

If you have a WordPress website, give this plug-in a go, It’s useful indeed especially when you are on the go!

If you are a client of Ku Design, feel free to ask me how to get this going.

By the way, the image above was snapped up using my android phone while I was writing this post, it uploads instantly, pretty cool!

Download WordPress for Android phone here