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Some Humble SEO Tips for your website

July 2nd, 20107:28 pm @ | 6,411 views

Graphic Designer on Google

It has been 2 years since kudesign.co.nz went through a major site upgrade, since then I haven’t really done much to help with the Google ranking, and just this week, I have been doing a bit of research in this field. Everyone wants to be at top of google, but how to get there still remains a mystery to everyone. If there was a secret formula, everyone would be at top of Google?

To begin achieving high ranking, I believe there is lot to do with common knowledge, things like having a good set of page titles, quality copy writing, good meta description (160 letters) and well written articles could benefit greatly on your web presence… however having done all that still does not guarantee your place at the top of your search ranking!

Google is extremely smart, if you think you can out smart Google by tricking the search engine, then think twice! The worst thing that can happen is getting your site banned. Honesty and hardworking is the key to a successful ranking in Google. despite the fact that you have worked hard, good ranking does not happen instantly, and it requires much patience. Time will tell what rank you deserve for the SEO work you have done for your website.

Learning from the pros can help you achieve higher Google ranking –  Do a relevant keyword search in google, and take the time to browse through all top ranked sites; ask yourself, what is it that they have that you don’t? and why their sites deserve a good ranking? Write down all the good points and start setting goals on the improvement of your website. The world wide web is your encyclopedia, make good use of it!

Factors governing your Google ranking

  1. Organised – keyword rich page title and page description for all your pages
  2. Site popularity – Relevant Quality site contents will bring visitors to your site
  3. Time – Good things take time,  it does not happen overnight, but it will happen! :)
  4. Original contents – Work on useful / informative site contents
  5. Number of back-links from reputable websites – Register your site to as many creditable online directories as possible
  6. Trust worthiness of your web host – Choose your hosting company carefully

Well written articles on Google Ranking:

  1. Key Factors To Achieve High Google Ranking
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google
  3. Top 5 ranking factors
  4. Google ranking factor check list

Google.co.nz Keyword Search

There is still much work to be done on the SEO of kudesign.co.nz, so far this is how we rank (Revised ranking in red):

Date of search: 2 July 2010

Graphic Designer‘: Page 2, 7th Now at Page 2, top of page

Google Page Ranking

‘Graphic Designer‘: Revised 18 July 2010, Page 1, No. 1 . Much to my surprise, it’s right at the top of the page!

We made it at the top of Google.co.nz!

Logo Design Christchurch‘ Web Search: Page 6 Page 2, 1st

Graphic Designer Christchurch‘: Page 1, top of page.

Chinese Graphic Designer‘: Page 3, 8th

Joseph Ku: Page 1, 5th (I am happy)

Logo Design‘: Page 7, 2nd Page 3, 5th

Website Design‘: nowhere to be found.

What next?

I feel to be on the second page am now ranked first for keyword ‘Graphic Designer‘ in New Zealand, yeeeeeha, it is outstanding, I can’t be too greedy as there are virtually thousands of big design agencies in the world. all the hard work has paid off! My next goal is to achieve high ranking for Google.com indexing. As for now, I will keep working hard to build a functional and reputable website, and continue to write blogs people find interesting. If you have any other SEO tips to share, by all means please do place a comment!

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