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New home for the busy beavers, webwise

February 6th, 20106:08 am @ | 5,002 views

First of all, I would like to congratulate the busy beavers for their great effort in supporting the local communities in various fund raising projects, thumbs up!!

Who are the Busy Beavers?

Talented Arborists & Landscapers serving the Canterbury region, visit this page and meet the Busy Beavers.

I first met Bryce when he came to our property to inspect a leaning poplar tree; after having a close inspection, Bryce provided me with good advise on the problem tree, and had it removed safely and professionally! Before I found Bryce, I phoned various other tree companies, and I have to say that Beaver Tree provided me with the most efficient and friendly service!

Bryce asked me what I do for a living, I told him I am a graphic and web designer, and is keen to assist in any way. I never thought Bryce would call me back, but he did after a few month, saying he would like me to assist with his website upgrade work!

The Existing Beaver Tree website

Existing Beaver Tree Website

The first job was to analyse the beavers existing website, first impression was that it was a very plain site with some simple static html pages. The internal pages had white backgrounds with large texts, each text box is as wide as the browser page making it difficult to read. I still keep a backup of the very first beaver website, an example of one internal page shown on the right –>

I love seeing websites that could use an improvement!  We believe a website is an important marketing tool for a company, as it shows professionalism and caring for the business.

I like the Beaver logo, and think it is humorous, and a good name to use for a tree company; the blue, brown and yellow colorway is good combination, and I thought I would carry this to the new website template design.

Website Development Notes

Beaver Website Utilizing Silverstripe CMS

The existing static website was improved utilising silverstripe content management system, which have been an excellent web CMS for the past 1 year, however due to the growing needs, we have decided to upgrade the site system to WordPress.

It was great moving from a simple static html site to a dynamic one, where editors can log-in to add or modify their own web pages, but moving to wordpress has taken this even further, as it opens up a whole world of possibilities! The ease of use and abundance of plug-ins has made wordpress the number 1 choice for a magazine/blog styled website.

The New Website 2010

It took me 5 days to move from Silverstripe to WordPress, the work included planning, re-building, re-structuring and migrating the whole site contents to the new system. A new website template is also required to be designed to accommodate this upgrade. I wanted the design to be clean, easy to navigate and effective, so I introduced the ‘timber look’ to reflect the range of services provided, and to carry the blue brown and yellow to this theme.  Regarding the site structure, the articles are sorted under ‘categories tab’ sitting on the left hand column, below the ‘Categories’ tab are ‘Most Recent Posts’ and ‘Our Preferred Supplier’s Links’.

The website has transformed from just a plain static html website, to now an informative dynamic one, offering abundance of information on tree care, landscaping design, latest news, community involvements, promotions and photo/video galleries. You will expect to see a lot more to come, if you have a tree care or landscaping question, you are most welcome to ask Bryce by visiting this web page, and you even get a chance to win 1 of 4 $50 Petrol/Grocery/Beaver vouchers, so don’t be shy ask away! is on top of Google

Good contents always help Google rankings. Another good news is that Beaver is on top of google on a lot of important keywords phrases, this is an important leap in terms of web presence of the company! Keep up the good works, Beavers!