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November 6th, 20111:05 pm @ | 7,625 views

tokuphoto artistic stock photos

We are proud to launching the artistic stock photo website.

Who is tokuphoto?

Tokuphoto is a one stop shop for all your stock photography and event photography needs. Here, you can find a wide variety of original, colourful, and creative images that are sure to suit your graphic requirements.

All of our high-quality images are taken using Canon, Leica or Zeiss equipment. Our pictures capture special moments in time with amazing depth, colour, vibrancy and glow.

What is the brand identity consist of?

Originated from the Chinese character ‘圖’, and in English ‘picture’. The outside ‘box’ of this character was stylised to look like a ‘bracket’, or hands gestures ‘7 &’7’ ‘when visualising a picture. The logotype resembles the New Zealand Koru.

How many photos are there in the tokuphoto database?

In just under 1 month, we have reached 2500 beautiful artistic stock photos! This body of work was collected since 2000, a 10 year archive of photos from well known and award winning photographers James To and Joseph Ku. We have a good collection of photos of Christchurch, before the devastating earthquake that destroyed most of the CBD. These photos captured a moment in time marked by history, of the former glory that once was a vibrant and beautiful city! The Christchurch CBD is in the process of rebuilding, and I look forward to a better and more vibrant city, and keep a look out for more beautiful photos during the rebuilding period.

Who is our target audience?

Photographs that you see in our database are of the highest quality, once purchased they can be professionally printed and framed as artworks. We are in the process of finding a local framer, and to offer framed and signed pieces for gallery displays. These framed pieces will be suitable for public spaces such as hotel/motels, lobbies, City Council offices, hospitals or at a private residence.

Photos are also available for web use, that can be purchased and downloaded at lower resolution, suitable for website theme building or relevant story/blog writing.

We are improving as we go, and thank you very much for your support!