Who killed paper books?

November 13th, 20091:22 am @ | 3,874 views


Computer technology has changed the way we play and work. The internet has brought the world closer to you than ever, wireless technology has freed us from fixed workstations. People can virtually connect with one another anywhere economically and effortlessly.

Replaced the old with the new

Traditional plastic 35mm film is now a thing of the past, replaced by ever more popular world of digital photography, advancing at the megapixel speed! I believe most of you reading this article are digital camera owners, and I needless to say the advantages of this new technology can offer.

Bulky traditional CRT monitors have also disappeared from our lives; LCD displays are a popular replacement, very soon the LCD displays will be replaced by the more energy efficient, sharper LED displays! It is just a matter of time before prices become affordable for everyone.

So, the question is what will be replaced next?

What is paperless?

Simply speaking, paperless is publishing without the need of using paper as a media. With the advancement of the internet, and display technologies, information can be obtained instantaneously. I can still remember my high school years, when there was very limited internet access, and we had to rely on books for our school projects, all we ever used was the ‘Book of Encyclopaedia’, and books from the school library, but now a web user can easily search for the latest world news, weather, entertainment and you name it… The internet has become the single largest library in the world, covering a whole range of topics!

Kindle Killed Paper Books

When I saw the latest gadget ‘Kindle’ on the Amazon website, I was totally blown away by it; something so thin (1/3 of an inch) and so light (10 ounces) can hold up to 3,500 book titles! No monthly charges, no contracts, the most attractive feature of kindle is the built in mobile wireless 3G, to enable kindle owner to search and browse through a library of 360,000 books, download book samples for free, and you can purchase a book at an instant… but wait, there is more: When you are tired of reading, close your eyes, kindle will tirelessly reads the book to you. The kindle utilizes the latest ‘e-ink’ technology, providing sharp 16 shades of gray for image display, you can adjust the size of the font as you wish, the display is glare free to allow you to read under all lighting conditions.

Amazon has done an excellent job marketing kindle, I need to say no more, you can watch the product demo videos here.

Despite all the glory of this feature loaded device, I believe there are a lot of people still prefer to hold and read a real book, and think that nothing can replace the feeling of holding a real book. I suppose it’s like some people still prefers to listen to music produced by a tube amp, and willing to pay big bucks for old technology. Who knows printed books could become luxury items in the future?

I personally believe that it is not hard to see that the price will come down for kindle, and paper books will become a rarity in a very short time!

Want to grab one for a test drive?