Is it time to upgrade my website?


When do you know it is time to upgrade your website? Can I afford to update my website regularly? What should I be aware of when upgrading my website? Who can help me with my website upgrade? If you are interested to find out, please read on…

A website is more than just a holder of your company information and contact details. It is important to understand that a website is not a static entity, but a living thing, and should constantly grow and evolve.

Why shall I update my website regularly?

Your company doesn’t stay the same, it is constantly changing, improvements are being made, and new product or services are being offered each day, so why your website should stays the same? Publishing your latest news on your website is instantaneous, there is no printing or mailing costs, and information can be accessed 24/7 all year round, this you simply just can’t beat!

Why can’t I update my own website?

Not long ago, mainstream website designs used to static html pages, holding basic information about your company, the website is probably updated a couple of times a year at a cost by the web designer. If you still own a website that you do not have access to, it is time for you to think about upgrading your website.

What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is one that is constantly changing, with new contents added as often as the site owner wishes. The site visitor can also interact with the author by making a comment, or ask a question. A dynamic site will have a content management system (CMS), to allow site owners or company editors to log-in with a password, and to easily modify / add new contents to the site.

When is it time to upgrade my website?

Below are some questions, to help you decide:

  1. When was the last time you updated the content of your site?
  2. Do you have access to update your own website?
  3. Does your website contain your latest business and company information?
  4. Does your website design look outdated or neglected compared to your competitions?
  5. Do you have old product that you no longer sell still on display?
  6. Do you see a drop in the number of visitors each month?
  7. Do you see a drop in inquiries sent from your website?

Things you should be aware of when you upgrade your website

Keep your old site’s URLs – Your old site is indexed by search engines such as Google, your old URLs are links from the search engine index to your website. A lot of web designers neglect this fact, and develop a brand new site with brand new set of URLs, without acknowledging the importance of your old URLs. You should ask the web designer to study the site structure of your old site, and try to map it to the best ability! This way you keep your entire search engine indexing, and will maintain a steady flow of visitors into your new website.

So I want to upgrade my website, where do I go from there?

Great, now it is time for you to get prepared, and to find the right people to help you get the job done.

Research – There are plenty of web designers out there, finding one you can trust can be a big headache! First you need to do a lot of research, list out the websites that you liked, check out who was responsible for the design, most good website has a link to its creator at the footer, feel free to visit the creator’s site, and drop them a message, they will be happy to provide information for your next upgrade.

Preparation – Write a brief:

  1. Make up a dream list of the features you like to see on your own site.
  2. Determine your goals, objectives and tasks for your project.
  3. Work out a budget for your website upgrade.
  4. Based on your brief, obtain quotations from various web designers you have researched.
  5. It is important to get your site contents ready, only you know what contents you like, and not your web designer. Good preparation means  you save time, and time is money.

Should I choose the cheapest web design quotation?

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better in the world of web design, a good web design is art, and is priceless. Based on your budget, choose the web designer with solid work experience and portfolio, and one who is keen to listen to your needs. Remember to ask for a time schedule each step of the way, so you have an idea of the date of your new website launch.

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