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Wordpress Theme Review – Inuit Types

October 31st, 20096:11 pm @ | 5,946 views

The kudesign website has a new look, this time with minimalistic style. This theme focuses on content, and not graphical decorations, as we believe content is the most important aspect in a website.

Inuit Type, is a theme designed by Bizz Artic, a very clean theme with nice typography at the front end, and a very customizable template option at the CMS theme options menu.

Theme Features:

  1. Simple and easy to navigate, with fast loading time.
  2. Automatic thumbnail generation, that helps catch the viewer’s attention.
  3. Elegant styling, with clean typography.
  4. Nice 2 column home page for posts, and a nice sidebar that can be customized easily.
  5. Ad and banner boxes ready.
  6. It doesn’t shout at you, instead present information to you in a modest way.
  7. Many other features can be found on the theme site.

Implementing this theme is pretty easy, it is well documented and works well with my WP 2.8.5 install. The only area that needed tweaking is to get the automatic thumbnails to work for all of my older posts, as I had ‘custom’ fields setup previously, and I had to delete them before Inuit theme thumbnail would actually show up. That is not a big deal, as I don’t have that many posts yet on my site. But if you have thousands of posts, it could take a while to implement.