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Corporate Identity System Design | Logo Design | Stationary | UNIKEV PTY. LTD. | Australia

[smooth=id: 10;]Chinese Writer’s Association | Corporate Identity, Magazine Publishing | New Zealand

Corporate Identity Design
Ijada Consulting Limited | Corporate Identity System | New Zealand & China | Design Process

Brand Identity / Logo Design for Wagmu.com
Wagmu.com | Corporate Identity Design 2010 | Christchurch New Zealand | Design Process

Sunshinecity Pharmacy Corporate Identity System 2010 | Sunshine Victoria Australia

Brand Identity / Logo Design for Christchurch Chinese Society
Christchurch Zhonghua Chinese Society | Corporate Identity System | Christchurch New Zealand

Corporate Identity for Calibration Solutions CH-CH NZ
Calibration Solutions | Corporate Identity System | Christchurch New Zealand | Website

Brand Identity / Logo Design for 3D Architec USA
3D Architec | Corporate Identity System | USA

CG - Canterbury Gastronomics Identity Competition Winner
Canterbury Gastronomics | Corporate Identity System | New Zealand

Brand Identity / Logo Design for EEG
Europe Elite Group | Corporate Identity System | Canada

Brand Identity / Logo Design for Salubrity
Salubrity, C & T Global Inc. | Corporate Identity System, Packaging Design, eCommerse | Canada

Logo for Access Heights Property Developer NZ
Access Heights | Logo Design for Property Developer Bay of Islands, New Zealand | Website

Brand Identity / Logo Design for HYE Ball Bearing Taiwan
hye ball bearings limited | Corporate Identity System | Taiwan

Sound Ideas - Logo Design for School of Music Magazine
‘Sound Ideas’ Logotype for magazine publication | Canterbury New Zealand

[smooth=id: 11;]AP Papers | Identity Concept | Symbol / Monogram / Pictogram / Logotype Design

YHACT Corporate Identity System - Construction Technology
YH Architecture Construction Technology | Corporate Identity System | USA

Logo for Yiyi Ku Music Studio, CA, USA
Yiyi Ku Music Studio | Logo Design | CA, USA | Website

Identity for the Christchurch Asian Youth Trust
Identity Design for the Christchurch Asian Youth Trust | Christchurch New Zealand

Enfix Industrial Limited Logo Design
Enfix Industrial Limited Corporate Identity System (Logo Design) | Taiwan R.O.C

Kea International Limited Logo Design
Kea International Limited Corporate Identity System (Logo Design) | Christchurch New Zealand

Creating a Successful Logo / Identity Design

  1. Refined Simplicity – A simple logo often stands out from a complex one.
  2. Memorable & Engaging – To be consistent, to attract attention & speaks your company’s persona.
  3. Cross Media – Available in a wide range of latest graphic design industry file format, for print, web or screen.
  4. Scalable – Legible on a button, as well as on a large 6m billboard. Should look good in both color and black & white.
  5. To be proud of –  Every time you pass out a business card.
  6. Stand above your competition –  Well researched, well positioned identity that is unique and speaks to your target market successfully.

Logo Design Process

Stage 1 – Briefing: The graphic designer collects as much information as possible about the company, and a ‘Design Brief‘ is drafted outlining the set of objectives & tasks, as well as a time frame for the completion of the project.

Stage 2 – Researching: The graphic designer researches the competition, the target market as well as the trademark database. Initial logo concepts are sketched out with pencil & paper.

Stage 3 – Drafting: Selected concepts are drafted using a computer, to quickly visualize color arrangement and typography.

Stage 4 – Presentation: Refined logo concepts are presented to the client for feedback.

Stage 5 – Finalization: Based on the feedback the graphic designer refines the selected logo concept to make ready for stationary design or print.

How much does a logo design cost?

A logo design project can cost between $1000 to $30,000+ (NZD). Every project is unique, the graphic designer will need to know exactly what you want, before an accurate quote can be supplied. The average price to be in between $700~$1800 (NZD).

The price varies on a number of factors:

  1. Number of concepts required to be delivered.
  2. Number of people using the identity in the company.
  3. Stationary Requirement: Business card design, letterhead design, greeting card design or compliment card design?
  4. Where will the identity appear? Vans, cars, uniforms, hats or coffee cups?
  5. Involvement in market/competition research.
  6. National or multi-national company.
  7. Presentation – Full presentation with the board of directors, or just email presentation?
  8. Trademark registration.

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