Christchurch Earthquake Cloud

Clouds that reflect to the Angry Earthquake in Christchurch NZ

October 2nd, 201011:32 pm @ | 14,489 views

Cloud taken after the day of the Christchurch Earthquake

Clouds that reflect to the mood of the people, after the the 7.1 magnitude earthquake happened in Christchurch on 4 September 2010 @ 3.45am. The biggest earthquake Christchurch has ever felt, damaging houses, schools, historical buildings, and shut down the Christchurch central city for 2 weeks!

It hailed the night before the big quake, it could have been a sign something big was about to happen?

Earthquake cloud taken the day after the CH-CH earthquake

When it happened at 3.45am, most people were at sleep, the ground rumbled for about 45 seconds, we thought it was the end of the world, and it felt even more like it when the power went off~  it was completely pitch black! When power was back up at dawn, I turned on the TV to find the extent of the damage around the city caused by it! We were without water for half a day due to a pump failure, at first I thought we have lost our underground water!  Luckily I managed to get the pump working again, but it pumped out silty red water for 1 day before running clear. Some 120 domestic wells have been damaged west of Christchurch, so we have been very lucky!

One Lima monkey died in the zoo through the earthquake, when the animal was frightened and tried to escape that it fell into the pond and drowned~ sad… No human lost their lives, it had to be a miracle and we are truly blessed!

Another earthquake cloud taken in CH-CH

Ground craked from the quake