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Mobile Office Eco Hub Caravan

October 26, 2015

It has been a while since I last updated my site, apologies if I have left you hanging. Those of you who have been wondering what happened to the mobile office that I was building back in 2010, well this has been a restoration project that never seems to end, there is always something to […]

Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition

September 5, 2014

Master Tang was born 1921 in Ningbo City, he began studying calligraphy under his first mentor which was appointed by his father at six years old in Nanjing. He later studied traditional Chinese painting to further master the art. I was delighted to be asked to design for Master Tang, for the design of his […]

Christchurch Autumn Colour

April 30, 2013

There is this romantic pocket of time in the autumn season, dazzled with a beautiful and romantic palette of colors when leafs starts to turn. For some people, it’s an ugly sight with labor intensive autumn sweep ups, but for me it’s an eye candy, with beauty and poem in the air! Autumn is truly […]

Spring Thunderstorm

September 12, 2012

4/Sept/2012 – Rare electrical storm across the sky of Christchurch. First time  ever have I ever seen such an amazing sight by the act of nature living in the city (other than the devastating Earth Quake). Clear sky on the Western side as you can see the blue sky reflecting off the windows of the […]

World’s Largest QR code

September 12, 2012

The Kraay Family Farm in Alberta, Canada has set the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest QR code. According to CBC News, the 29,000 square meters QR code was carved into a field of corn and it could actually be scanned with a smartphone. To prove that it actually works, members of the family […]

WordPress for Android

March 29, 2012

I just got myself an android phone, it’s a HTC sensation made by Taiwanese high tech company, well done Taiwan!! I found this cool apps for WordPress. It’s easy to install, once downloaded off the Android market, It’s a matter of inputting your website url and WordPress admin password. Before you are able to connect […]

Bruce Chin Architects Ltd Website

February 6, 2012

New website design for Architects. The project started with a face to face meeting with Bruce at his design studio. Bruce has a general idea of what he wanted, and have attempted to DIY his own website through online website builders with no avail; he just couldn't be completely satisfied with what he wanted to achieve... this is when he found Ku Design to come to the rescue!

Launched tokuphoto.com – Artistic Stock Photos

November 6, 2011

We are proud to launching the tokuphoto.com artistic stock photo website. Who is tokuphoto? Tokuphoto is a one stop shop for all your stock photography and event photography needs. Here, you can find a wide variety of original, colourful, and creative images that are sure to suit your graphic requirements. All of our high-quality images […]

Beaver Trees & Landscaping Won World Class Award

October 28, 2011

Congratulations to the Beavers for this outstanding world class award!! We are proud to be part of your website marketing team! Source 3 News: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 6:24p.m. By Juanita Copeland A small business in Christchurch has been given a very large award. Beaver Trees and landscaping has been judged one of the best […]

Farewell Steve! Inventor, Typographer & Calligrapher

October 6, 2011

I have never paid any attention to anything Steve had to say… I only knew he was a great guy who transformed Apple to become the most valuable company in the US, but never knew that he was involved with calligraphy and typography 10 years before he stepped into the technology world. “It was the first […]

Proud Supporter of the Rugby Book

August 19, 2011

Proud Supporter of Canterbury Rugby Football Experience With the Rugby World Cup 2011 around the corner, I thought it’s a good time to post something about the Christchurch Rugby on my blog. Proud to support Canterbury through the Canterbury Rugby Football Experience. Joseph was delighted to be asked to take professional photography of the Rugby […]

Ijada Logo & Web Design Process

December 8, 2010

We’ve had great pleasure in the design and development of the new Corporate Identity System, and the new Website Design for Ijada Consulting Limited. Ijada is an unique advisory services and networking opportunities tailored especially for current and prospective clients in New Zealand’s education and migration industry. Ijada (pronounced eee-jar dah) is Spanish for jade/green-stone.  […]