The Who What Where Why How of a Creative Graphic Design Studio

How it all started

Established in 2005. Ku Design is a Christchurch based company servicing clients locally and internationally. Specialising in graphic design, web design & photography.

Our believes

  • Dream does come true. Believe it’s possible, and a path will light up to guide you to turn your dreams into a reality!
  • Motivation comes from the passion in the work you do.
  • Creative business should be run creatively, work enjoyment is the key to success! The bottom line is: You are simply more creative when you have a happy mind.
  • Good Design’ doesn’t mean ‘expensive design! We are here to help build ‘quality’ in each and every step of the way!

About this site

It’s a company website and a personal blog. I’d like to share my thoughts on matters that interest me; things that made me look or smile.

Hire me

Got a design project you’d like to talk about? I’d love to hear about it and make some suggestions! Please feel free to contact me, for a free no obligation web or graphic design consultation.

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It was a daring move to turn independent after having worked in the graphic design industry for half a decade. Joseph thought there must be a better way to make a living than desk-work 45 hours a week, as he believes that a creative business should be more flexible.
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