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Exploring the art of adsense placement on your wordpress theme

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How to place Google AdSense Beautifully

Please note before you read on. This post is no longer relevant, as I have decided to remove my Adsense account on this website. Thanks for dropping by!

Adsense is easily one of the most popular website marketing /advertising phenomenon of the decade! Browsing through popular websites you may find the abundance of ‘Google AdSense’ ad boxes popping up in places, may they be texts based or image based ads. Incorporating Google AdSense on the website plays an important role, not only in the overall aesthetics of a website, but the function of a site too; it’s a fun game trying to balance between ‘Design Aesthetics’ and ‘Practicality’.

Killing me softly with AdSense

When I first created kudesign.co.nz, I want it to be ad-free, as having adverts on my graphic design studio website just seemed unprofessional… but it changed my mind when I signed up for Google AdSense last year (2009) after having read an article by ‘Steve Pavlina’ on ‘How to Make Money From Your Blog’. I started to look at options on how I can incorporate Google AdSense to my website template beautifully; I didn’t want them to speak too loud, in fact I wanted them to be almost invisible! The quick solution back then was to tuck them at the bottom of each posts / articles, and at the bottom of the sidebar… Well, it proofed that the locations I’ve placed them simply did not work as there were only a handful of clicks the whole year round… Perhaps the location of my ad boxes were too invisible, that my online viewers simply have missed?

This week (July 2010), I decided to give my Google AdSense another chance, this time I want  it to speak louder, but not too loud that it fights with my post contents… gosh it’s full of contradiction when you just can’t make both worlds happy!

Ok here is my second attempt:

The post body width of my site template is set at 600px; it is quite wide for a line of text to follow through to the next line, so I thought if I break this text-width by placing a 250px adbox at the right hand side, it may help with legibility a little. Here it is, as you can see now, it is sitting at the second paragraph, I made the ad-box background light grey with slightly rounded corners, light blue links & black texts. The purpose of the grey background is to differentiate the adbox from the contents, it also act as an ‘image-block’. The other ad-box location remains at the bottom of the right sidebar, but this time I made it 600px tall, as my blog pages are quite tall, and it only makes sense to fill the white space with useful advert links. Other than ad-boxes, I incorporated a ‘Google Custom Search’ at the end of each post, I thought this might come in handy when my viewers want to search for other keywords on my site.

I am quite happy with the new arrangement, will see how they perform and report back to follow this up at a later date. So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Please kindly place a comment below.

Useful YouTube Clip by Lisa @ 2createawebsite.com

Clip title: AdSense Tips for Newbies & Low Earners